by Jeanne Gossart


Cap Corse

Since my family moved to Santa Severa (a little town) located in the cap corse, I got to visit them once a year. Every time I go to Corsica, I feel detached from our busy world. The port of Santa Severa is surrounded by a beach and a few bars/ restaurant as well as a few houses.


I enjoy spending time in this quiet place and think about the importance of people and places in life.


I usually go for a week or less, due to the number of days I can take from work. This trip I spent 6 full days and they were amazing as always. My family from Amiens (grand parents, cousins and uncle) came to visit at the same time, which was perfect!


During the 6 days we did a lot of activities. On the Sunday we drove about 30 minutes away from the town just to go to the mess. We visited this tiny little village and go the chance to try the ice creams. My grand parents, my mum, my little sister Suzanne and I were so happy to finally be reunited.

We drove back home for lunch (which was almost at 3p.m) to meet with my brother that was working in a restaurant for the summer call ) U-Capezzu. We went swimming and boating during the afternoon with everyone.


In France breakfast, lunch and dinner are very important because it’s the time that you have sharing a meal with your family. Breakfast was usually around 7:30/ 8 am, lunch 2:30 p.m and dinner around 10 p.m but everyone was very happy and talked about there days.

The following morning we left with my cousins, my grand ma, sister and mum to Saint Florent, which was one of the best memories I have from last year’s trip. We went to this small restaurant on the water to visit the place and see the view of the ocean which was incredible. We met with my family and had lunch in the center of the city, after lunch my cousin wasn’t feeling well (we had to take her to the doctor) but she ended up feeling much better after a few hours. We visited all the little shops and most of the streets in Saint Florent. We drove back home and stopped on the way to dive in the fresh water.


The same evening we went to a friend’s house for dinner, I met all of my mum’s friends from Corsica. We had one of the best Calamari ever, home made by her friend.

On the 3rd day we walked with my brother to work, he showed us the entire restaurant and gave us some explanation on the menu (U-Cappezu) on the port. After that we drove 20 minutes to the very top of Corsica, to go hiking. The place we went to is call “ Sentier du littoral - Commune de Rogliano”, we walked/ hiked with friends and family for about 2 hours round trip.


We saw the most incredible views of Corsica during that hike.

In the same afternoon we went boating with the family on a blue water beach call Minsincu. We jumped in the water and had Gustave the avocado floatie.


The same day, we went to a family dinner with everyone (12 people) to Victor’s restaurant called ‘U-Capezzu’ I had the most amazing pasta ever with cheese (parmesan), knoack and Creme. It was just amazing!


The following day I invited by brother and sister to a breakfast on the port (with an amazing view on the water) at ‘ Chez Pierre’ before the diving session. Victor and Suzanne both went diving, I took photos and went on the boat with them. It was Suzanne’s first dive! Which was exciting to be part of.


In the afternoon we went swimming and I got stung by jelly fish. After that Victor and I went to a vineyard for wine tasting, we got to the Piereti Vineyard and tried the rosés, we got a nice bottle to thank my mum and step dad for having us over.


In the evening my brother and I dressed in Pink and went to our neighbours house for an aperitif.

The next morning my mum and I wen running we did 6 km, after that we went with Victor and Suzanne to have an amazing breakfast at the five star hotel “Minsincu”. We had the best table over looking at the ocean. The experience was amazing, we got to visit the spa and when on a voiturette tour around the garden and plantations.


We spent the afternoon at the beach, paddling, swimming and having the best time … At we prepared my favourite dish and went to get tons of pizzas. We had Suzanne’s, my mum’s and my birthday party! We stayed at home, and had champagne and cake to celebrate!

The following day, we went for a 9 km run with my mum and coffee on the port. We went to visit the local bakery, as a tradition. We had breakfast with my entire family and I said bye to everyone.

My mum and sister dropped me off at the airport, my flight was late. It was the best time with my family!

I loved every second of it.