by Jeanne Gossart


Bowen Island

Last weekend we decided to go on a boat trip with our friends for dinner. We left West Vancouver Yacht Club to go swimming around the corner. After our swim we went to Bowen Island!


Bowen Island is this cute little village, full of small restaurants, shops and cafés. We parked the boat on the public dock and walked 5 minutes to Tuscany. The restaurant was full since it was a beautiful Friday night. We decided to go back to the boat and order pizza to eat at our place, after that. The sunset on the way back was just stunning.


The next morning we took the boat for breakfast. Our breakfast spot was on Bowen Island, called Snug. The brunch café is about 5 minutes walking from the dock, which is so convenient.


We arrived at the restaurant around 9:30 am and the place was packed! It was a small indoor space with small windows, 5 staff and a small back kitchen. The menu was offering various options such as Eggs Benedict, French Toast, Eggs and Toast, Omelettes and local coffee plus a large choice of pastries. Snug is the perfect little spot for a Sunday morning breakfast! The outdoor seating are large table that can accomodate big groups. The patio is full of flowers and dogs are allowed to come and eat with you.

We ordered and spent about 1 hour at this adorable spot. After breakfast, we walked back to the pier and saw people practising YOGA. On the left side of the pier was the ferry deck and local shops. One of the shop was a Tacos & Ice place, bar and souvenir place as well as a paddle board station.


I wish I could have stayed an entire day to go and visit each of the small shops around the neighbourhood. We saw the public library. Before coming back on the boat we saw the small public library “ Take one, Leave one book”. This place was just so beautiful!


I would highly recommend to go and spend a summer weekend there.

We had the most amazing time and I would love to get to spend more time to discover the hikes and treasures of this island.