by Jeanne Gossart


Bastille Day (in Canada)

On the 14th of JULY it’s France’s National Day! French people take this event very seriously and love to celebrate with friends, family and fireworks.

Since I was in Vancouver, Canada for the 14th of July, I decide to create an event and have our own little celebration. French people came storming of the bastille on 14th of July 1789, which was a turning point of the French Revolution.


Since that, the 14th became France’s National Day!

This year the 14th was on a sunny Sunday which was perfect for an outdoor petit dejeuner!


We had croissant from Temper, crepes made by moi, mimosa and strawberries, tons of fruits and other patisserie.

We were about 15 people and kids and dogs in the house! It was the perfect way to celebrate.


We had a buffet of food and the outdoor patio with everyone having fun.

The best was when my friends came with French rosé and got flowers with the color of the French flag.


Other friends came with blueberries and flowers the color of the French flag as well.

It was a great sunny day in West Vancouver, celebrating my special day.