by Jeanne Gossart




Miss Laoban 老板 

Born in France, a little city (an hour away from Paris) called Amiens. I moved to Charleston (U.S.) South Carolina when I was 13, with the objective to learn English. After experiencing the North American lifestyle & education, I came back to France for a short time. At the age of 16 I got the opportunity to move to Taipei (Taiwan). I spent about a year learning Mandarin and went to university in Taipei. I was fortunate enough to join the Rotary international program to learn traditional Mandarin. I moved back to France and finished my international high school diplomat. Asia was definitely my home, I decided to apply to two universities in China. After getting accepted to both schools (Beijing & Shanghai Universities), I picked Donghua University in Shanghai. I finished a double degree in Mandarin as well as International Business and Trade. After multiple internships in real estate and wanted to get into the fashion business, I worked for 6 months in digital marketing at ELLE Magazine in the Shanghai office. After my thesis being published, I started working in Shanghai with the amazing position of Project Manager for a developer from the U.S. After 5 years in Shanghai, I decided to take care of my health and move to Vancouver (Canada). 

Miss laoban = Miss Bossy (in Mandarin)